You want to know what our feel-well stars mean, so we already know you're an especially observant visitor to our website. We're very glad you're interested. Our feel-well stars indicate the quality of our apartments – and the fifth star is the heart, the engine behind everything.

Feel-well star 1
Personal consulting

We see personal consulting as being of the utmost importance. We want to make sure you never have to feel uncomfortable because you've arrived at an apartment that simply doesn't meet your needs. This is why we prefer to discuss those needs with you over the phone; we find communicating via e-mail somewhat impersonal, even if it does have the advantage that no one notices if you've got a cold. As a result of more than 20 years of experience with tenants, we can sense what's important for them and what needs to be discussed – sometimes even better than the tenant themself. Part of our personal consulting is ensuring you receive pictures of the exact apartment you're interested in renting. This lets you see what you can expect; you won't just be looking at a certain type of apartment, but rather at your own personal nest for your time in Hamburg. And if you have any questions about living in our apartments or buildings, or about the neighborhood, we always make sure we have time for a little chat.

Feel-well star 2
Temporary living at smart-deal terms

Making a smart deal is another important factor in helping you feel at home. That's why renting from us is truly a smart choice: especially since you'll receive such excellent service for the price you pay. Go ahead and compare what the market for "furnished apartments" has to offer; the gap between what ads promise and what companies actually provide can often be drastic. When it comes to costs, we easily keep up with even cheap hotels. If you divide our monthly price into a daily rate, one of our beautiful apartments starts at just 45 euros per night, and offers you much more than a boring 18-square-meter box on a remote section of a traffic-choked route. We have specialized in tenants who intend to spend more than just a couple of days in our beautiful city and prefer a sence of comfort that can be likened to a second home rather than a hotel or a room in a guesthouse. This is also why our tenants sign a regular Hamburg rental agreement, providing legal security and structure for everyone involved. A smart deal means everything needs to be just right. Experience it for yourself: renting a furnished apartment from us is the whole package. You'll truly be making a choice for your own well-being.

Feel-well star 3
Cleverly furnished and delightfully arranged

This is a truly obvious feel-well star whenever you offer furnished apartments. However, in today's world of superficial advertising slogans, things aren't always quite so obvious. As the saying goes, "When the sun of culture is low, even dwarfs cast long shadows". In other words, as culture changes many things are forgotten. Thanks to our many years of experience, we know how to offer the reliable, personal touches our tenants expect. We've already thoughtfully provided everything you need to host a weekend guest; we've even thought about how bright the light in the bathroom needs to be, to make sure you can finish your makeup and start your day looking great.

Fell-well star 4
Central location and urban surroundings

We purposefully purchased our buildings with an eye to their locations. We love living where it's all happening. Anyone who's staying in a city for just a short time can appreciate the benefits of a good location. You won't need an expensive car; although plenty of car-sharing programs offer Minis or BMWs in our area ready to go (DriveNow), you can access almost everything the city has to offer on foot. City bikes are also available (city bicycles). Public transportation is just outside your door. In addition, Hamburg has the advantage of having an airport just around the corner. If everything goes well, you can be at the airport in just 15 minutes – and you won't feel like you've just traveled around the world, as you would in a city like Munich.

You can take a quick jog to the Inner or Outer Alster lakes, and the Elbe is close by as well. Beautiful, inspiring city strolls await you – and the Reeperbahn is just around the corner from our Alte Wache building, with plenty to do for young and old night owls alike.

Residents in our Grindelhof building, in contrast, can enjoy the Abaton art cinema and Ida Ehre's Hamburger Kammerspiele (intimate theater). And if you'd rather sit back and philosophize about the world, just take a seat in the hall at the Vier Jahreszeiten hotel on Neuer Jungfernstieg.

Feel-well star 5
Owner's mentality

It's something you've probably experienced in your own life: once you own something, it just means more to you. We nurture and care for our possessions; after all, we want them to bring us joy for years to come, whether they're our favorite cars or our very own homes. This is why we always look at our own buildings with open minds, continuously considering what we could improve. We are also very happy to hear what you have to say to us; please feel free to contact us if you notice anything you'd like to mention. For instance, based on your feedback, we have dramatically improved our Internet access and worked with the upbeat company at Grindelhof to ensure you can communicate and surf at lightning speeds using fiber-optic technology.

With other providers of rental apartments, clients are normally dealt with by trainee staff or other assistants who would often rather be thinking about their evening plans than their tenants. Our three specialists, the women we like to refer to as Springer's angels, have been with us for decades and know simply everything there is to know about our furnished apartments and their tenants. They treat our buildings as if they were their own property, and have even more of an owner's mentality than the owner himself. That's why they've set a goal for themselves: to answer any problem a tenant might have within 24 hours. They call it "24-hour emergency assistance." They are also outstanding at always keeping an open ear for any of the tenants' concerns.

But our owner's mentality goes even beyond this, because we love to have guests. Even if you might not notice it directly, everything we do is driven by just one thought: Does this make sense for our tenants? As an experienced working woman, a mother, and a partner – or even as a busy man – you know what you need to live comfortably, make sure you can handle your day-to-day affairs without a hitch, and still have a place to relax and unwind when it's all said and done. We can summarize our attitude and our commitment towards our apartments in just one sentence: we'd be happy to live in any of our apartments ourselves. Each apartment's design, of course, remains a matter of taste, but the practical elements in our buildings are just as useful as they are timeless, and the colors, materials and decorative touches in our apartments add ambiance. These are then augmented anyway by the tenant to highlight their personal touch.

It's easy to see why the fifth feel-well star is the heart of our furnished apartments.

What are your thoughts on this?

We hope we've succeeded in helping you understand why we see our five-star rating as 5 feel-well stars. It's how we bring everything together that makes the difference. We hope you see things as we do, especially if you've already spent some time with us at the Grindelhof or Alte Wache. And we naturally welcome any kind of feedback.